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it's a puppy

Good grief. He's not nearly as rambunctious as I expected (he may be coming down with bordetella). On the other hand, at 50 lbs, he doesn't have to be very rambunctious to be noticeable. The vet and I guess him at six months old (he has all his adult teeth).

He's extremely sweet, very submissive (we had much submissive piddling today; the remedy is to socialize the dog heavily), and shouldn't be much of a problem for Sable, except that my vet wants me to keep them separated for a bit, in case of the aforementioned bordetella.

And freeze-dried liver is not his very favorite thing in the entire world, or I stuffed him with a meal's worth at the vet's (more likely), because by the time we got home, he was no longer interested in it. Back to the drawing board with the string cheese, I suppose.

He's crated (in Sable's crate, which she dislikes so giving it up for a while isn't a big deal for her) by the computer in between trips outside, since it's a safe bet he's not the least bit housebroken. Occasionally he whines a bit in the crate, and then Sable responds with an explosion of barking.

It's going to be entertaining. I should balance the checkbook and then go buy groceries, but I'm resisting the whole checkbook thing right now.

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