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July 24th, 2001
04:14 pm


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dogs and water
One of those completely undocumented pseudo-scientific bits of information that keeps floating through my mailbox has stuck: optimum water intake is 1 oz water per 2 lbs body weight per day. For me, that works out to something like 4.75 liters/day. It comes with a long list of bad things that happen to you when you're dehydrated, and how quickly you can hit that point, which I won't reproduce here. The Atkins diet requires you to drink a lot of water anyway, so I have a shelf in my fridge that just holds water bottles, which I rotate: 2 1liter, 2 1.5liter. Glub. Glub.

Every one of the current journal entries (as opposed to the backdated ones) have been written with 85lbs of snoozing German Shepherd at my feet. So I suppose that, and liralen's comment about Jet's leaps of joy, reminded me to write a little about Sable.

What does Sable have in common with Jet? Well, she has a fine long muzzle attached to her very solid skull, which she flings about with great abandon when she's happy. One of our games requires me to shake her muzzle back and forth gently, while chanting "Dog's Got a Nose", and other things that pass for baby talk in my household. (I must note at this point that "izza wizza whozza best puppy" does not fall under that category, and entities engaging in such will be escorted to the door. :-) Anyway, I have learned not to play this game while lying in bed (with Sable on the floor next to me), as it's entirely likely that the leaping and capering about which occurs at the end of the game will get me bashed in the face with a fine large dog nose. And don't even start me on the huge error of getting one's face in the way of a horse who is swinging his head to nail a fly. That one will leave bruises and broken eyeglasses in its wake.

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