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September 9th, 2001
07:36 pm


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your ocean heart healing uneasy minds
I keep making noises at myself about cleaning the bathroom, but the fact is that I was busy enough yesterday that today has been a good day to be lazy. Okay, I did go grocery shopping (normally Thursday's job, but oh well).

Mostly I enjoyed the sensuality of lying on the wonderful soft old quilt, reading while a 70-degree breeze swept through the room and Peter Murphy filled the air with riches. This is the time of year I like best in Northern California: that brief space of perfection in between "too hot to want to live" and "raining continually, with tulle fog making the roads hazardous".

Talus, fortunately for my sanity, has caught onto this game of "pee right away when you go outside". And he's obviously feeling better (brighter-eyed and bouncier), so we must be doing something right (antibiotics, good diet, quiet routine, you name it). He's caught on remarkably fast to the idea that if he wants my attention, the way to get it is to sit down (instead of using the jumping-up maneuver native to dogs). I thought Sable was an easy dog, but good grief. Talus makes training seem simple.

Sun going down now. Time to walk the dogs again. Since Talus has to go out three times a day, and I have to keep him and Sable apart for now, I've suddenly gone from two dog walks/day to five. That wasn't planned. At least it's temporary.

In other news, I've abruptly been moved to buy an athame. My tradition associates this tool with South and with fire; it is used to delineate boundaries. Makes me wonder what boundaries I'll need to be setting soon.

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Date:September 10th, 2001 03:43 pm (UTC)
Boundaries are good. I approve of boundaries.

Although, if you believe Rob Breszny I am bidding fond farewell and making peace with people, things and ideas that are no longer useful to my present life, or who have left it without a real goodbye.

Hrm... let me see... not doing theatre, not worrying about who's coming to my party (other than making sure I am there, and lots of cake), exchanging closure email with people I haven't seen in a long time (and finding that we have little in common anymore)...

On the other hand, I've also been reaching out to people I haven't seen in a while, but who I'd like to see more of, and that's been really nice.

Trust those instincts babe!
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