July 23rd, 2001

You must be joking

a beginning

Apparently, I have yielded to peer pressure again, because, look, it's a journal, and an entry in same. The Horde are journaling madly, mostly. My urge, mostly, is driven by the hope that if I work to put down at least some of the masses of thought that have been infecting my head lately, that they will indeed go away and leave me calmer. (Hey, don't laugh -- it works with to-do lists. I can get panicky spinning my wheels trying to remember everything I have to do. If I take a deep breath and just start inputting it all into the Pilot as it comes to mind, then I become confident that I'm not forgetting anything direly important, and I stop freaking and everything is better.)

My current hot topic, of course, is buying Capucine (horse #3; horse #1, Julian and horse #2, Petit Point CF have their own pages already). I am buying her sight unseen (literally -- haven't even seen pictures.) That sounds utterly mad, but I rather relish the effect. The facts are that I owned her half-brother; that Petit Point is fairly closely related to her, and that I really like what I've seen of her mother and her other half-brother.

To understand what she is and why I feel I must buy her, even if it means I have to live on peanut butter for the rest of the summer, would take more words than I really feel like writing. This article about the Davenport Arabian horses describes their modern-day influence on American Arabian breeding, and adds quite a bit about the history of the importation. That whole site (or group of cross-linked sites) can take a day or two to read through, if you're bitten by the bug. To suffice, though, there are about 800 living Davenport Arabian horses in the world; Capucine and Petit Point CF are two of them. Capucine, in particular, descends from a particular horse in that importation, *Farha; there are perhaps as many as a dozen living horses that can say the same. Probably fewer. Only four of those horses are mares; Capucine is one of those.

Suffice it to say, I had to.

But there are a thousand things that go into buying a horse on the other side of the country from you, and another thousand things that go into breeding a mare, whether she be near or far, and when you add on top of that, that I am breeding Petit Point as well this year (foals should have someone their own age to play with), well, some nights I wonder if I'm trying to see how much I can take before I tear all my hair out. (I am vain about my hair.)

Traveling. Dogs. German Shepherd rescue. Horses. Cat showing (still). Cat breeding, ditto. Burgeoning poly relationships. Active S/M play, after some five or six years of being out of it. I can complain, but never of boredom.
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You must be joking

dinner tonight

Mondays are obedience class. I get home at 8:30 if I'm lucky. Tonight we ran 20 minutes late, and I was at the pounding-headache-surly stage long before I made it home. Dinner. Must have dinner.

I'd been planning to make the baked-chicken-with-mushrooms dish (sautee mushrooms, add to baked plain chicken breasts, stirring in some sour cream and parmesan to melt), but surliness set in well before I got the truck parked. Don't wanna fire up the oven and get the kitchen hot(ter), don't wanna dry out those darn skinless breasts (I prefer them boneless with the skin on, but can't always find 'em that way), whine whine whine etc.

Get home, walk the dog, face the stove. Gotta eat something. Fine. The chicken will cook faster if I cube it. Why don't I cube it and pretend it's a stir-fry, even if I haven't any ginger or green onions? Good, that's a start, and it went on from there with olive oil, some dried minced onion, hot paprika, thyme, soy sauce and a bit of sesame oil. It smelled divine, and it cooked quickly.

But I still needed some veggies, so, hey, here are these nice pre-sliced mushrooms... I threw them in the same pan, but wanted a slightly different flavor, so I attacked them with garlic salt and a tiny bit of the sesame oil.

It flunked contrast (gray-brown chicken lumps are much like gray-brown mushroom lumps), but it tasted divine. Screw the recipes, full steam ahead.

It's bedtime and past bedtime, but here I am speaking slowly and clearly into the microphone.
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