August 2nd, 2001

You must be joking

weather report

I am so bloated, even my eyes feel puffy, which is a really annoying feeling. I managed to confuse Eudora into dropping some 200 mail messages on the floor this morning; granted they were mostly list mail, but grump. I haven't heard back from the haulers who promised me a quote on Sunday; do they want my business or not?

I'm clearly way low on ibuprofen. And yet.

I'm doing work. I'm caught up on household chores (schedule to follow later, mostly for Lothie's amusement. :-) I feel good emotionally, if not physically.
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You must be joking

the walking and constantly

I finally got hold of the more dilatory haulers, and they just can't match the quote I got from the other folks, as they don't have any other horses to go along that route. They are interested in Davenports, though, so we had a lovely conversation with bits of advice about when to haul during a pregnancy, and when to check the mare's in foal before hauling, and so on. I'm sorry they can't take her, but I'm glad I got to talk to them. I have now called the haulers with the low quote and left a message for them.

Weekly chores, for lothie, with comments. :-)
Thursday: grocery day. This also means the feed store (I am trying to get to the point where I can predict cat litter, cat food, and dog food usage well enough to only go there once a month, since none of that stuff has to be bought fresh.) And ordering hay, if needed, from the hay dealer around the corner from me (they deliver. It's lovely).

Done right, this implies a clean-out of the fridge (so I know what I have already), a quick reconciliation of the bank account (so I know not to overspend), a quick round of menu-planning (so I know what to buy and how much) and creation of a shopping list so that nothing falls out of my head between home and the store.

Friday: clear for socializing.

Saturday: change sheets on the bed; minor house cleaning. (This means that I clean the kitchen and bathroom, and vacuum/dust the rest of the house if my energy is up that far. OTOH, this also happens on Wednesday, so I do not have frothing fits at myself if I skip everything but changing the sheets. If I'm feeling really hyper, I'll start the laundry.

Sunday: no chores.

Monday: laundry, including "dry cleaning" (done in the dryer, like lothie's. The day ends with everything dry, folded and/or ironed, and put away. Sable's obedience class is on Mondays in the evening.

Tuesday: pack for driving to the BA and socializing. May include another reconciliation of the bank account. Does include putting the garbage cans in the back of the truck and taking them down to the end of the driveway. (This can require considerable muscle, depending on whether the dirty cat litter was well-divided or not. Usually not.) Drive. Socialize. :-)

Wednesday: my friend Debbie comes over and cleans, including all the litter boxes getting scrubbed and changed. I come home from the BA in the evening.

Actual bill-paying, or setup for same, happens on paydays (twice a month) if it doesn' t happen on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Household organization (by which I mean clearing up clutter in places that have been cluttered for a while) happens when it bugs me enough to climb atop the stack.

Tidying (clearing up clutter in places I have declared tidy) happens before I try to clean that area, or when it bugs me as above. :-)

Result: the house is generally sanitary, if never worthy of House Beautiful. My mind is not distracted by chaos. I don't run out of necessary supplies. (Part of the shopping-list protocol is to put something on it when I run out of the closed thing. Take laundry detergent: there's an open one on the washer and a closed one on the shelf above. When I take the reserve off the shelf and use it, it goes on the list.)

Time to go do all those lovely things I've listed for Thursday.
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You must be joking

run in circles, scream and shout

I contacted the chosen hauler. He's leaving Colorado tomorrow morning; should pick up Capucine 8-9 August, deliver her 9-11 August. I have duly left messages in all directions, and must mail a check to him right now.

(insert screaming here)

So much for getting anything thoughtful done today...
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You must be joking

I'm better now

... I came back from grocery shopping to a message from the seller and an email note from the stud owner. Other than my needing to call the vet in the morning to get them to send the health certificate out, all is well. No one said "that date/time can't possibly work!" So, whew.

Now I can instead concentrate on preparing the house for an impromptu party on Saturday occasioned by visitors from the East Coast. Whee!
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