August 8th, 2001

You must be joking

vici vidi veni

Capucine is safely in Massachusetts, and I've talked to the hauler, the stud owner, and the seller. It's all good.
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You must be joking


Truck repair and miscommunication. I bid $500, they called back to offer $1300, I said no FUCKING way, just do the brakes and the 15k service as I asked.

So I arrived to collect the truck to a bill of $875. Can't do it, I said. So they're taking out the brake work and I can pick it up tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm crashing at my manager's apartment, and Sable gets to spend another night at the vet's.

I'll be biting my nails all the way to Oregon & back. It'll be fine.
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You must be joking

oracular archive

14 July:

Past: Part.
Present: Summit.
Future: Obvious

5 August:

Signifier: The Farmer
Challenged by: Universe

Before me: Summit (here I start laughing hard)
Behind me: Boundless
Below me: Commitment
Above me: The Artist

Interpretation and elucidation on request, but after I've slept.
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