August 13th, 2001

You must be joking


"Kick the baby, Ike!" "Don't kick the baby!" <spang>

So I was playing with Sable and her deflated soccer ball yesterday. Sometimes I kick it, and sometimes I pick it up and throw it. Invariably she charges after it, grabs it, and comes trotting back to do it again.

Now, since it's about half-deflated, I can't kick it all that far. So I was thinking "hmm. What if I drop-kicked it?"

But I forgot to mention this to Sable. So I held the ball in front of me (and she watched intently) and I dropped it, and kicked -- and connected, not with the ball, but with the bottom of her jaw, as she had leaped in to catch the ball before it hit the ground.

She yipped. I said ow! So I now have a bruise on top of my foot, and a reminder that even games with dogs should be negotiated, lest someone get hurt due to conflicting expectations. :-)
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You must be joking

oh hey

I just noticed, perusing the calendar, that today I've been writing here more or less daily for three weeks. Guess it's a habit now. :-)
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You must be joking

That was not ...

... the spiffiest obedience class performance we've ever turned in. I left the house late, so we arrived while everyone was heeling (first exercise). Sable's Gentle Leader (head halter) is in the truck (which is in the shop, which is in Cupertino, etc etc) so I was going to try working her in just the buckle collar. Hah! She flung herself wildly in all directions. So we blew a few more minutes fitting her in one of the trainer's spares. Heeled half-way around the ring and managed to get stranded a) with no liver b) with running dogs on both my left and my right (one of Sable's big nemesi; the liver was needed to distract her from hackling and barking at the dogs) c) with one of my sandals off and distracting dogs in the heeling track.


But, we got it back together. Sable did well on the "park it" exercise, even though we hadn't been practicing that either, and she was remarkably steady on the long down despite the antics of the Labrador next to her. (I did have to verbally interrupt her twice, but given the situation, I think we were doing well. "down" is one of the commands I use daily.)

Next week won't be any better, since I'll be out of town and we won't get in much practicing, but at least I can show up on time and with my own equipment again.
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