August 23rd, 2001

You must be joking


One of the thoughts that's been wandering through my mind lately is how dependent habits (mine, anyway) are on the physical situation. I have had no problem, for example, remembering to take my vitamins and ECA at home. It's part of the routine of making breakfast, laying out the day's pills and taking the first dose. My day in the BA, I generally remember, because the cue of planning/eating a meal reminds me. Travelling? It was very tricky. In general, I remembered to take them first thing before leaving the hotel room, but after that, meals were very much catch-as-catch-can (I had a stash of food in the cooler and lived off of that), and the pills simply didn't come to mind.

Similarly with the water-drinking. There's a whole ritual here at home, with the right number and sizes of bottles, and rotating them all in, or at least filling up the fridge before I go to bed, and so the water generally gets drunk. I drink less at work, because of not bringing all the bottles, just refilling the one, but I do drink. Oregon... I was pretty good the first couple days about refilling the bottles and putting them back in the cooler, but by late Saturday that had fallen over, and it's taken me three days since my return to stop feeling dry and crispy.

It's tricky creating good habits. I have never succeeded in making a reflexive habit of brushing my teeth, for example. It's always something I have to think about.

Making a habit of writing here hasn't been much work at all. Presumably the act of writing and posting is intrinsically rewarding (more so than clean teeth? go figure).

And then there are the habits I would like to have and haven't established yet.
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