September 12th, 2001

You must be joking

red rain

Such a strange blend of beauty and terror.

Tuesday morning started at 3am, as I got the dogs settled and made for the train. A bit before 7am, I emerged, blinking, into the San Jose dawn, and met up with Kawaii for breakfast. Hugs and hot coffee, talking and scrambled eggs, the simple pleasures we take for granted.

On our way into Hobees, he said "Oh! I bet you haven't heard the news yet today." Me, news, no, mumble, what? A plane crashed into the World Trade Center, and another crashed into the Pentagon. I gave it about a second's worth of imagination, then mentally shrugged it off. There was nothing to be done right then and there; I would take pleasure in his company while I had it and worry later.

Well, this put me into the office before anyone else, but my co-workers arrived all at once, and highly distressed. Strong emotion is catching; I couldn't block it out. Everyone was watching news casts, exchanging data via MUSH or IRC, listening to the radio, swapping rumors... at five to nine, I organized an appointment for four of us to donate blood at the local blood center ("We're filling up fast for today," said the receptionist.) Tried to work for another hour or so. Failed. Failed as well to deal with the increase in emotional tension in the people around me. Finally accepted that no work was going to get done today, and called Kawaii, who agreed to meet me in the redwood grove.

Another interlude of peace and pleasure, and as we sat together and talked, I thought about the irony, blood and death (so much death) near to us, fear even nearer (many government buildings closed in addition to the airports), and yet love continues. We go on, despite the horrors, because we are survivors, born from generations of survivors, and this is what we do. We rescue, we grieve, we heal, we rebuild, and we continue.

Later, Trip, Angie, Tara and I convened to go to the Stanford Blood Center. It was not precisely a mob scene, but it was jam-packed. I was afraid we'd be there for hours and hours, but to my surprise, we were only there for a half-hour longer than the hour I originally thought it would take. (The appointment was a smart smart thing. If you can give blood and haven't yet, I suggest making an appointment this week or next.)

Of course, there were two TVs at the blood center, both tuned to CNN. I don't own a TV, and don't want one. I'm not sure that I would have sought out video clips of the disaster, left to myself. But I saw the amateur video that tracked the second plane into -- and, unbelievably, through -- the second tower, leaving a gash of fire in its wake, and I saw Kali dancing.

A 4am call from the NOC exploded my uneasy dreams. I'm going back to bed now that I have this down.

A PS for roadnotes: my sky now is pink and blue-grey with dawn, and there is one bird outside my window, singing its heart out. It's cool here in the Sierra foothills. It's going to be a beautiful day.
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You must be joking

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"The recent events do not pit "the USA" against "terrorists". They pit sane, decent, people of every nation, race and creed against a small festering collection of homicidal maniacs. That's the only "us-vs-them" at work here; all the other labels you'll see applied are just propaganda." -- Dennis O'Connor
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You must be joking

continuing saga of life

I got back on the dog routine today. I attempted to introduce Sable to Talus; this could have gone worse (no one got hurt), but it could have gone better, too. She'll tolerate him lying under her and exposing his throat, but the minute he dares to move, she gets pissy. That's what we established outside, anyway.

I brought them inside, crated Talus, and let Sable loose for a bit. Spent a few minutes putting Sable on stays by Talus's crate, then treating first him and then her. It was a good exercise for her, but when I took my attention from the dogs and attempted to do some work instead, she just hung out in front of the crate, occasionally exploding in snarls. After about 10 minutes of that, I had had enough, so I put her back in the bedroom. Looks like that's how it's going to be. Sigh.

I have succeeded in coming up with a method of Kong-stuffing that Talus hasn't broken yet. (Seal the top with half a stick of string cheese, and nuke for 60 seconds.) He got much of the kibble out, but not all of it. Yay, predators.

yohannon is coming by tomorrow night, and Friday I should see elflet at circle, and these are demonstrably good things. Looking at my calendar, we'd pencilled in Sunday for RennFaire but I don't know if that's still on. I am definitely feeling more than my usual need for human contact.
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