September 17th, 2001

You must be joking

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Drove home from Kawaii's with the two dogs on Sunday afternoon. Came home to find the circuit breaker on the fridge had blown, and everything was thoroughly defrosted.

Coped with that, cleaned up the house a bit, and waited for two friends to arrive to meet Talus. They approved, and took him home with them (yay!).

About 7pm, I realized I had to plan how to get in the office on Monday. With Sable, since I'm staying through Tuesday night. Noticed a new sore throat. Groaned a little. Packed. Didn't get myself into bed until 2200. The alarm went off at three.

Why in the office on Monday? I was told there'd be an all-hands. Of course, no one yet in the office knows anything about it, so the sense of doom is very hard to shake.
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You must be joking


That sense of foreboding was not just my nervous system playing with itself. I have joined the ranks of the unemployed.

I really thought I'd be the one to turn the lights out at AltaVista. I saw it born. Guess I'll have to watch it die from afar.