January 4th, 2002

You must be joking

my water changed color

... and other amusements of country living.

I spent a fair bit of time filling stockpots yesterday. The water looked more yellow than normal, but I told myself I was seeing things.

Then I filled a water bottle & put it in the fridge, next to two others which had been filled last week. No, I'm not seeing things. The water is more yellow. La.

So I dig up the Big Folder of House Paperwork that was granted to me (along with the mortgage and the house keys) and find the folks who did the well analysis. Once I got to the right person on the phone, he was very helpful, and assured me that it was just an artifact of all the heavy rain we've had recently -- the last year it was this wet was '97, and I wasn't living here then. Just disconnect the pump from the tank, he said, and run the pump for an hour, that'll clear it up. But I'm getting the water tested anyway, because there are a lot more people and animals living in this neighborhood than when it was last tested, and when it comes to what's coming out of my tap, I'm probably not paranoid enough. (Arguably I should have the well tested annually.)

My cleanup success yesterday: emptying the last two cardboard boxes in the dining room. Unearthed: a riotous collection of out-of-date cat meds and food supplements (tossed), cat towels (after washing, they'll go to their proper place in the storage room), old clothes (consigned to the laundry, the Goodwill box, or the trash, depending), and canned cat food (collated with other canned food from the pantry, this will go to a local shelter). And, not least, my copper napkin rings. Been wondering where those were hiding!

Yesterday's food experiments: low-carb pumpkin gnocchi (not successful: they dissolved in the hot water. I wound up baking the rest of the batter, edible but just not very interesting. elflet suggests a touch of xanthan gum in the recipe next time.) cotechino, boiled according to Hazan's recipe (delicious, although I question her instructions to not prick the casing, since mine burst somewhere along the way).

Dinner was delicious if not terribly experimental: a Prather Ranch New York strip steak and the last of the leftover cauliflower gratinee.

Today's food experiment: I think shrimp with black olives from The Splendid Table, to use up the rest of the shrimp that we didn't grill. And there's some chili in the works. (A round of Meat Essences, aka Il Sugo di Carne, from that cookbook is also planned, but I won't get the various bones and meats I need for it until Monday. Think "super-reduced stock made with stock", or just think demi-glace.)

If I would just get the grocery list together, I could get out of the house and get the Goodwill box and the box of canned cat food out of my house and somewhere that they're wanted. And I do want out of the house.

Had a long talk with T. yesterday, who among other things opined that of the various problems life can hand one, being broke is one of the easier ones to fix. (As he put it, "all you have to do is a little shuffling of numbers in computers, and that's easy.") He does have a point -- your friends can loan you money (so can banks), but it's hard to loan, eg, health.
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