May 11th, 2002


I've reason to believe we all will be received in Graceland

No apologies for the long gap in writing. Life has been crammed full, that's all. And I hate trying to write giant catchup entries, so this won't be one either.

I finished off the massive upgrade of my iBook -- RAM maxed out, a 40G hard drive in place, and I replaced the CD ROM (bezel broken off, door wouldn't stay closed). I have five screws and a standoff left over, and I apparently didn't hook up the speaker correctly, but everything necessary works (I guarantee I will never miss hitting random music-playing webpages while maintaining and I'm intolerably smug. OS X is appallingly much fun. (I can run tf directly in a terminal window on my laptop! How cool is that?)

Palisades is beautiful. No, don't take my word for it, just check behind the cut tag. Of course, it's spring and breeding season, and he did his best to remind us of those facts today. Turned out in the big round arena, he trotted around a bit in a desultory fashion, and then one of the older mares sauntered over, calling out "Hey, sailor!" or the rough equivalent in Horse. Palisades returned the compliment by doing his best to breed her right through the (8-foot timber) fence. At one point he was balancing on both hind legs and his neck (over the top of the fence), and that was okay when it was near where the fence sections joined, but then they all shuffled down a few feet and the fence started creaking ominously. It was clear that the mare was in heat and had no intention of leaving until she was bred, and Palisades felt much the same, so Jim went in with a halter and moved her to a less tempting spot.

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not a giant catchup entry

I did want to mention that Palisades arrived a day ahead of schedule, on the first of May. I find it profoundly satisfying on a symbolic level that my stallion arrived on Beltane. Happy spring, y'all. :-)
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