September 25th, 2002

You must be joking

oh my, my my

Life-stuff seems to happen in big clumps these days. There's nothing to write about, and there's nothing to write about, then suddenly I get two weeks worth in 48 hours and I feel more like the remains of a train wreck than anything else. Oof.

Palisades and the neighbor's stallion kept me up most of Monday night, screaming and carrying on. Turned out the neighbor's bay mare was busy having her foal, hence the equine commotion. It's a cute chestnut. Mostly I see it on the ground napping, or with the bottle-brush tail flapping away (hi, emeraldas!)

I got Palisades' papers in the mail last night. Signed. Holy fuck, it's actually happened. Now I get to send large quantities of money to the registry and to the Raterings, but I tell you, once I get those envelopes in the mail, I am going to ceremonially check "buy or lease Palisades CF" off of my to-do list. Big ceremony. Jethro Tull's Heavy Horses would be appropriate music for the ritual, but I see I don't own any Tull on CD. How'd that happen?

gconnor was absolutely right about the food at Mudd's in San Ramon -- elflet and I had a spur-of-the-moment dinner there last night. Mmm. Browsed a book at Borders, afterwards, on overcoming the fear of riding, but didn't buy it because all the techniques in it are already familiar. (Amusement.) I worked out a good next step for dealing with this on my own. Now I get to implement it, instead of contemplating indefinitely.

I have three hummingbirds dive-bombing each other for feeder privileges, and a shiny new list of affirmations, and a clean kitchen and bathroom, and a few things to try on the job front today. I've been worse.
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You must be joking


I am freakin' tired, because I screwed up my sleep schedule bigtime by picking up Summer Knight instead of going to bed on time Monday night, and last night was much the same (although the book in question was Catch As Cat Can). Think maybe I'll roll up and either read or nap a bit, just to catch up.
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