May 1st, 2003

You must be joking

the lunatic, the lover, the poet

I am smugly in possession of a copy of Busman's Honeymoon, after giving up on libraries and resorting to Book Buyers. Two dollars. Well invested.

Work is improving, but when all's said and done, I'm still being paid to put on vinyl gloves and paw through people's underwear. Optimistically sent out another resume this morning. Using hard-won mind control techniques on self in order to keep trying. Must admit using mind control techniques on others much more fun. Apropos, negotiated date with elflet for this weekend which I really hope comes off. Beltane is a felt thing this year.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon closely examining Foothill's schedule for the fall, and am somewhat depressed to find that the schedule I chose interferes with both their day AND evening lab classes! (Lab classes = Chemistry 1B, 1C; Biology 1A, etc.) I needed to get the latest possible schedule (4:30pm - 1am, or so) and failed to because of insufficient prior research. The schedule I have fits with Chem 1B in the summer quarter, and no Bio is offered then, so I shall limit my lookahead to one quarter and trust in either fate or stubbornness (or both, more likely) to get the fall quarter settled in due time.
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