December 27th, 2003


unnecessary cowardice

or, how to get my attention in a negative sense:

Create an LJ which deliberately disguises your identity. Run across my journal. Let on that you knew me in the past. Refuse, when asked directly, to let me know who you are. Start asking questions about my life and my plans. Be revealed -- because there are some people on LJ who do have the mapping -- to be the one and only one ex with whom I am not on speaking terms, thus neatly reinforcing the idea that it's better not to be on speaking terms with you this decade, either.
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You must be joking

new Christmas tradition

Go to a gay karaoke bar* with xthread. Fail to get drunk. Hash up a song not in my range that I don't know well enough.** Fail to get thrown out on my ear.

Shall have to do this more often than once a year.

*No green-skinned demons, though.

**"Crucify", Tori Amos
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