August 7th, 2005

You must be joking


I had assumed the under-deck scratching noises I'd been hearing lately were feral cats.

Nope. A raccoon mama and two kits!

Pictures to follow once I get slightly less lazy.
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It took an hour and fifty minutes, and a liter of water, but I have:

taken the trash out
loaded it into the truck and taken it to the dump
stopped at the feed store to collect 8 bales of hay
loaded 4 of them into the mares' feeder
hitched up the trailer
turned it around in the driveway.

I now need to summon energy for the next item: drive up to Julie Carpenter's, an hour away, to collect Recap. Recap served brilliantly as the staked goat this morning for the project of loading Reyes into the trailer. Reyes is at Julie's for his long-delayed education in basic ground manners. (As Michael said, "Well, he isn't getting any smaller.")

I also have entirely too much hay stuck to my skin. And about the state of my left leg, the less said the better.


Oh, right, it's 102F out there. (39C for the metrically inclined --)
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