September 27th, 2005

You must be joking

the rewards of virtue

Have been to the gym with elflet three times in the last week. The first time, didn't notice I was getting a rub until I had a lovely half-dollar sized hole in my left thigh. This morning, the evil recumbent bicycle was trying for a matching one on the right, but I caught it in time. Hah!

Attribute my endurance for Folsom this year largely to said workouts. Yes, it was hot (65F high? in whose fantasy?) but elflet and I celebrated the anniversary in style, including sushi afterwards.

Lunch today with mcl got some things out that needed to be said, by each of us, and for that I am grateful. Practicing communication really feels like _practice_ to me sometimes, with everything that implies -- sweat and risk and fucking it up half the time in the name of trying to make things better. It's worth it, though, especially when I consider the alternatives. :-)
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I'm thuper!

just to prove it can be done

Pulling out of my parking space at work at 1:06am.
Pulling the mail out of my mailbox at home at 2:36am.
Took a couple units of caffeine along, but didn't use them. Concrete Blonde dialled just short of primal scream levels was sufficient to the task.

Found the missing check on the floor where it had blown. At least finding it didn't eat a lot of sleep time.

Back to school at noon for another exciting installment of Microbiology, with lab --
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