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Education! Augh!

I am one class (Differential Equations) away from an AS in math. (Not bad for having spent two years at MIT and at least two years amusing myself at Foothill College, right? Don't answer that. :-)

After a layoff (from the realms of academia) of about a year, I embarked on a DE course last spring (from the best math instructor I have ever had). I dropped it about half-way through. Somehow I hadn't managed to remember my calculus quickly enough to digest a huge lump of material that came in at about week 2, and everything after that was just more struggle and frustration. Also, I had unwisely acquired Sable ("unwisely" in that "loved not wisely but too well" sense) and gotten notice that the corporate apartment gig was going away in pretty much the same week, so there was no reasonable way to be at class in the Bay Area every morning five days a week.

Still, if I am going to finish this (and I am), then I had best retake it sooner, not later. Looking at Foothill's calendar for the coming year, they're teaching it in the evening Fall quarter (which begins on the 24th of September). Winter and Spring classes are the standard format. Useless.

I'm thinking about -- make that seriously considering -- driving 22 extra round trips to the BA between now and mid-December. At roughly 250 miles per round trip. Someone please examine my head.

Why not go somewhere closer? Well, that hasn't been an option until now, but it's worthy of consideration. On examination, SJ Delta College's fall semester started 20 August. They have exactly one section of DE, which is full, and it's two hours (around noon) MWF. So I'd have to wait until spring, and transfer it into Foothill.

Mad. I am utterly mad. lothie, this is all your fault. No, wait, I can get elflet in on this too. Augh! Both of you! Augh!

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