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I'd be lyin' if I said I didn't have designs on you

Now it's time for me to wade into the great sea of ambiguous ethics known as "writing about other people" in my journal. I could use real names, optionally linking to their web sites, as some of my friends do. I could invent names for reasons of privacy, as it's entirely likely that at some point I may wish to write about things that would otherwise constitute "outing" (some of my friends do this). I could simply say "a friend", or "my sweetie" (both groups hold more than one person), but that both gets old quickly and gets the story lines tangled down the road. It occurs to me that I hate naming even fictional characters, never mind people who might actually be reading this. ;-) Fnord.

In any case, the dear soul who I am going to tag as Kawaii for my purposes here has been abruptly parted from one of his two long-term relationships. I spent the better part of my drive from Stockton to Mountain View on the phone with him last night, talking it out. And today, it seems, I will be removing myself from the office way too early, and Sable, he and I will go for a nice walk on the beach. If I had planned this last night when I left the house, I would have been wearing pants, not shorts. :-)

And suddenly I am researching motorcycle courses for no good reason whatsoever. Fear the grasshopper mind.

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