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continuing saga of life

I got back on the dog routine today. I attempted to introduce Sable to Talus; this could have gone worse (no one got hurt), but it could have gone better, too. She'll tolerate him lying under her and exposing his throat, but the minute he dares to move, she gets pissy. That's what we established outside, anyway.

I brought them inside, crated Talus, and let Sable loose for a bit. Spent a few minutes putting Sable on stays by Talus's crate, then treating first him and then her. It was a good exercise for her, but when I took my attention from the dogs and attempted to do some work instead, she just hung out in front of the crate, occasionally exploding in snarls. After about 10 minutes of that, I had had enough, so I put her back in the bedroom. Looks like that's how it's going to be. Sigh.

I have succeeded in coming up with a method of Kong-stuffing that Talus hasn't broken yet. (Seal the top with half a stick of string cheese, and nuke for 60 seconds.) He got much of the kibble out, but not all of it. Yay, predators.

yohannon is coming by tomorrow night, and Friday I should see elflet at circle, and these are demonstrably good things. Looking at my calendar, we'd pencilled in Sunday for RennFaire but I don't know if that's still on. I am definitely feeling more than my usual need for human contact.

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