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I am not afraid of anything in this world

I emptied out the truck yesterday, which contained the boxes from my cube, plus a few shelf-feet of books which had been lurking at Erik's. One of the books was Donald McCaig's Nop's Hope, which contains this passage. I think of it every time I call Sable "eternal canine optimism":

Dogs are notorious for hope. Dogs believe that this morning, this very morning, may begin a day of fascination, easily grander than any day in the past. Perhaps the work did go badly yesterday, perhaps the humans are wild with sulks and rages, but this morning can yet be saved: don't humans understand anything?

Every morning, in dog pounds all over America, hundreds of dogs awake to their last day with gladness in their hearts.

Today I am finishing up the laundry, and cleaning the house. School tomorrow.

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