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new beginnings

Tonight was the second class meeting for Differential Equations. I'm definitely in. *sigh* Back in academic mode already, which means that my mind wanders at least once per board-ful of equations, and I have to haul it forcibly back to the subject at hand. I swear I wasn't this distractible when I was seventeen. Then again, I knew a whole lot less about sex when I was seventeen.

Tomorrow morning, at 8am, I have my second appointment with the new physical trainer. I don't know if I'll be able to keep working with her -- her schedule just doesn't line up well with mine. And while I like her personally, I would prefer to be working with someone with more experience. Still, we'll see.

So, nine hours until I have to get up to make that appointment. And I have a 2 hour drive ahead -- I'm writing this entry from Erik's.

Still have things to say about today, though, which began with a visit to silkiemom. Her latest, Joshua, is a big flirt for a tiny baby. It was good talking with her again -- I'm not spending much time on-MUSH now that I'm trying to conserve connect time.

Then I drove from Roseville into Mountain View in record time. Spent the drive thinking about giving myself a report card on my life, a week and two days post-job:

physical health: B: starting to work out again is good. I'd be happier if I were scheduling 4 visits/week.
mental health: B+ Starting school was smart (even if Trip thinks I'm a card-carrying crazy person).
job hunting: D-. The resume is not finished, let alone posted, and I should damned well be smearing it across the entire universe.
spiritual health: A: Being able to work in a group is a delicious change. Having elflet around to compare notes with is wonderful. Complete revolution from six months ago.
social contact: B+: I'm staying in touch with people and not crawling into a hole to die.
general maintenance: C+: I keep making a good effort, but not finishing. Consistent effort is better than occasional marathon sessions...

Had breakfast with Edmond on Tuesday, who said among other flattering things that the reason my journal was interesting to read was that it was "violently personal". Well then. Far be it from me to disappoint the audience. :-)

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