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September 29th, 2001
04:37 pm


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there must be another way to travel...
Today's measurements: 55/46/60. Compare to measurements from 23 August: 54/48/62.

Finishing the laundry has reiterated the hard truth: I do not have a single pair of pants that doesn't have holes. I should give in and buy clothes, especially if I'm imagining I'm going to be interviewing for jobs.

It is kind of amusing that things that used to be tight now fit, and that things which used to fit are now quite loose, but that isn't quite able to make up for a twenty-five-year-old habit of hating to shop for clothes.

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Date:September 29th, 2001 06:31 pm (UTC)
There must be another card to choose...
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Date:September 30th, 2001 10:45 am (UTC)
Did I ever tell you the story of "shopping points"?

Every year, I give Kathy three "shopping points", i.e. she can take me out shopping 3 times. I used to dislike clothes shiopping so greatly that such was required.

Now, I've gotten it down to know which places & things are straihtforward and comfortable, so shopping isn't such a chore. and I always reward myself in one way or another -- usually another one of those silk or microfiber shirts that feel so good. (Yes those shirts...)

I'm also in the "time to buy replacement pants" stage, as many are devleoping holes and/or tears. Somehow, what's fashionable for jeans just doesn't work for slacks...

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Date:October 2nd, 2001 03:15 am (UTC)
The good news is, once I buy some black pants which are actually black, I'll have a passable interview outfit. *whew*
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Date:October 2nd, 2001 03:18 am (UTC)
It's funny, actually, but thinking about it, I was doing okay hitting MIB or Says Who (when they had a store in Palo Alto, and I had an office next door to it in Palo Alto, *sigh*) no more than twice a year. I started procrastinating on the semi-annual shopping trip, I notice, once I started this diet and everything went back into flux.

Now I'm at the point where ordering from the catalog is just a guessing game and I might as well drive to Rohnert Park and be able to paw through MIB's discount area as well as try things on.
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