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This is another "back entry", inspired by someone on the nerveboard list asking us each to dispassionately list the events of a day. This was a vacation day during what passes for a heat wave around here (triple digits every damn day).

2200 last night: power off the network, turn off the AC & open all the windows, feed the dog, take a shower, crawl into bed.

0535: wake up spontaneously. It's .hot. Cloudy in the east, but 79F. Grr. Ignore the dog. Close the windows and turn the AC on. Remember that there is wet laundry in the washer which needs drying before the house gets any hotter. Fire up the dryer. Go back to bed.

0645: more awake. Grab the magic wand and masturbate. Ignore the dog.

0705: turn on NPR. Ignore the dog.

0730: stop ignoring the dog. Pull on light green shorts, white polo shirt, tevas. Go outside, where it's probably achieved 90F by now. Do a little dog walking, a little dog training, a little fetch. Promise the horses that I'll move in another bale of hay for them.

0800: go inside. Make breakfast (scrambled eggs, turkey bacon). Eat, observed by dog. Put kibble in Sable's Buster cube and let her throw it around her crate. Clean up the kitchen, which is still something of a mess from cat-bathing on Friday night. (Anyone else hate cleaning sink strainers as much as I do? I can't even cheat and get a garbage disposal; they are bad for septic tanks.) Fill a second water bowl for Sable.

0930: Fire up the computer to answer various questions. Has Jody Jaffe put out her fourth book yet? (No.) Where's a good place in the hills to hide from the heat, today? (Jackson, maybe. I think I'll pack a cooler and put Sable and myself in the truck when it gets too bad here. Above 95F or so, the AC can't keep up with Momma Nature, and I get pretty miserable above 85F or so.) Why have I gotten 135 messages in the last 11 hours? (No answer there.)

And here I am, with a short to-do list, and a definite intention to hide from the heat, because tomorrow someone is coming over who I hope will relieve me of the rescue Persian who's been hanging around the house for the last year or two -- which is a good thing, but means I'll be stuck here until she leaves

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