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I keep fielding phone calls

... it's nice to be wanted, even if none of them are in response to my variously mailed and posted resume. *sigh*

The latest was from a rep at Vanguard, to assure me that the loan payments which AV had misapplied as contributions to my 401k account would be properly refrobnicated. This leaves the payoff amount of the loan much closer to $6k than $7k, and if I'm going to have to pay the IRS taxes & penalties on that money, this is a good thing.

Got a lot of little things cleared off the board. Wormed Julian, scrubbed out the inside garbage cans with bleach, threw away more useless paperwork, cleaned out the truck, mailed in the registration papers for Torch's kittens. Things like that.

Concluded that Arnold can move back into the cattery, which means the mural room can be *gasp* a spare room again. Unfortunately, this is too late for the year-old hardwood flooring in that room, which has been damaged in one spot by misplaced cat piss. (Fortunately I have a spare case of the flooring, so in the event of extreme measures like selling the house, it's replaceable.) It's also too late for the cellular shade in that room, which has had its strings chewed off by helpful felines. I haven't a clue how to fix that, short of replacing the entire shade, which was plenty spendy the first time, so it's not gonna happen. Suggestions?

Wonder what I'll do with the space? It was going to be a sewing room at one point, but I'd need to scrounge another table or two to do that. (The sewing stuff is currently all over the would-be dining room table. La.)

Still haven't figured out what to do with all the bookcase space. I think perhaps all the nonfiction will migrate into the tower case, which will allow the uncategorized fiction to take up all of the bookcase it's currently sharing. This leaves the low case in the hallway confused and purposeless, but that won't last.

And after that... a pony. (No, wait. I already have a pony. Or three.) No, the cattery needs cleaning comma damnit.

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