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Here I am, on my way again from here to there, and I know a hundred games of solitaire

My ISDN line was down this morning for no reason that I could see, but I was in a hurry to get into the BA and spend the day at the math center studying for the DiffEq midterm, so I forebore any serious diagnosis, scrubbed the litterboxes, and got the hell out of Dodge (in my Dodge).

I did okay on the test, managed to wedge in a viewing of tonight's Angel (I missed the last two weeks and haven't seen any Buffy so far this season) and a visit with the lovely and talented Emily, and then turned around and drove back home so that I will be present to field a call between 7:30-9:30am Tuesday, wherein I explain that the DE class does not interfere with any putative job I might want to accept, so go ahead and issue the unemployment check already.

Seven class sessions down. Fifteen to go. elflet is back in town tomorrow. The ISDN is still broken; this time I went as far as tracing all the cables, and they appear fine. Tomorrow, when I'm sane and awake, I'll actually chat with the router and see what it has to say. It'd be just my luck to miss an important phone call because I'm using the land line as backup for the ISDN. Bugger.

Scattered. Tired. Going to sleep now, thanks.

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