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October 19th, 2001
09:42 pm


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she's baaaack
Yes, I am. And at Erik's. But right now the last thing I want is to spend 2 more hours piloting the horse trailer (having spent the last two days driving it to LA and back, albeit with fine company), so despite the ridiculously optimistic notions I was generating about two hours ago, about grabbing dinner and going straight home, I don't think I am. I think Erik's couch and I have a date, instead.

I went to Full House for dinner, but lacking any unread books, had to stop by Book Buyers first (I found an old gift certificate to them from Jen that had been lurking in the unsorted papers for how knows how many years), and there ran into Trip and Emily, which was lovely, except after that many hours of driving I was rather wound and anti-social, so we didn't hang for long.

I do really need to spend a day at home before I spend Sunday gallivanting around again, but being in Mountain View tonight shouldn't be too awful. Going by today, I should wake up spontaneously around 6:30am, and it shouldn't take long to get on the road. I can even make breakfast at home.

Current Mood: longing

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