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fear, she's the mother of violence

So I finally got home today, and I succeeded in turning the horse trailer around in my driveway without bending any sheet metal on the trailer or the truck. I was in the kitchen frying chicken livers for a late lunch/early dinner (I love liver, what's your problem?) when the phone rang.

Hurled myself in the general direction of the phones. The portable's not here, where did I leave it? Pick up the analog, realize it's unplugged because I've been stealing its wire to let the laptop dial in while the ISDN was hosed. Fumble around trying to plug it in before the answering machine picks up.

"Hi, Jean, it's Anita."
"Hi, um, I have chicken livers on the stove, what's up?"
"I found a job for you."
"Oh my god. Um, can I call you back in five minutes?"

To make the very long story short, I may be able to help a friend of hers who does Filemaker Pro consulting with a disaster (partially FM Pro, partially inept network setup) at an East Bay school district. I meet with her Monday.

It's emphatically not a full-time job, and I don't think I'm cut out for consulting, long term (the friend tries to do exactly enough consulting to support her horse habit, and lets her husband support her), but with any luck it'll net more than unemployment. We'll see.

Also, I succeeded in kicking the ISDN router so that it would dial out successfully again. This has happened maybe once before; you'd think I'd remember the symptoms and get it fixed within 10 minutes instead of within a week.

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