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10 things you don't know about me

(This was written for a mailing list I'm on, so a number of these actually won't come as a surprise. A list of 10 things about me that I haven't mentioned on LJ before would be a lot more work. I'd be interested in seeing other people's lists, too.)

1. I drive a (used) bright red 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 (3/4 ton) with the diesel engine. I keep waiting for my (dark blue) 1990 Mazda 626 (also bought used) to die, but it just keeps plugging along.

2. I have 3 horses, 10 cats, and a dog. I used to breed and show Maine Coon and Turkish Angora cats, but have pretty much retired from that hobby. I'm now breeding Davenport Arabian horses as a hobby. (Good grief!)

3. I'm a practicing Witch/Pagan/Wiccan. (And as another list member noted, no, I don't worship the devil; there is no devil in my pantheon.)

4. I was laid off for the first time ever on 17 September. (The last time I was out of work for a long time was for 9 months in 1991-1992. Mmm, recessions.) I work in the computer/Internet industry, and things on the job market front here in Northern California are Just Plain Ugly.

5. I was born in Ohio, grew up there and in Puerto Rico, moved to Miami FL for high school, then moved to Boston and have alternated between there and Northern California ever since. (But I've been in NorCal for some 10 years now, and good lord willing and I don't default on my mortgage, here I'll stay.)

6. I'm never-married, polyamorous, into BDSM. One long-term lover lives with his wife and her girlfriend. The other is married and has a nine-year-old son; I'm spending a lot of time with his family lately.

7. I enjoy training animals (horses, dogs, and cats), and I read voraciously (just spent an hour or so today reshuffling books onto 2 new bookshelves I was given). Other than that, hobbies tend to cycle on and off the interest list. I have a lot of unfinished quilting bits lying around (the most finished quilt just needs binding), my deck garden is a shambles, and the job of restoring the native plants on my five acres isn't even started. Lately, what's taking up time is job hunting, finishing my AS in Mathematics, and finishing the job of unpacking/decluttering the house.

8. The next major modification I make to this house/land is to remove all the barbed wire and replace it with horse-safe fencing (about a $10k project, if I pay other people to do it).

9. I used to be afraid of driving my truck and horse trailer, but I did a loop to Oregon and back with a friend in August and now it's old hat. I still have to go slowly when backing up, though.

10. My one regret about my life: I don't think I'll ever become a mother.

11. (bonus!) My birth date is 15 March 1967.

Time to go cook dinner.

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