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November 8th, 2001
12:04 pm


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consider this the slip that brought me to my knees, failed
I should be doing almost anything else but writing LJ entries just now, but I did a bit of reading on my friends page (not catching up, just reading), and I'm feeling more connected to the world, and the people in it that I love. Which is a good thing.

Today's to-do list, in no particular order: clean the cattery, hit the grocery, stick my resume into Caljobs to placate the unemployment benefit gods, view Johnette Napolitano's exhibition at San Joaquin Delta College, apply for a programmer/analyst position at SJDC, listen to Concrete Blonde do an acoustic show there at 9pm tonight.

I don't think there will be massive amounts of back entries (free time? what's that?), but I do have one thing to note. Remember when I said that, if I wasn't employed by mid-November, I'd be freaking? I'm freaking.

Current Mood: coldcold

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Date:November 8th, 2001 10:25 pm (UTC)


I'm sorry to hear the job situation is still tough. Thanks for writing though, it's always good to hear how you are. You are incredibly talented and intelligent, don't let the situation fool you into believing otherwise; that would be wrong.

-- Edmond.
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