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consider this the slip that brought me to my knees, failed

I should be doing almost anything else but writing LJ entries just now, but I did a bit of reading on my friends page (not catching up, just reading), and I'm feeling more connected to the world, and the people in it that I love. Which is a good thing.

Today's to-do list, in no particular order: clean the cattery, hit the grocery, stick my resume into Caljobs to placate the unemployment benefit gods, view Johnette Napolitano's exhibition at San Joaquin Delta College, apply for a programmer/analyst position at SJDC, listen to Concrete Blonde do an acoustic show there at 9pm tonight.

I don't think there will be massive amounts of back entries (free time? what's that?), but I do have one thing to note. Remember when I said that, if I wasn't employed by mid-November, I'd be freaking? I'm freaking.

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