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and when you fall, raise your eyes, and know the sun and moon will rise

Last night's Concrete Blonde show was marvelous. It was comprised of roughly equal parts of old songs (so old I don't know them well, so the first 2-3 albums), new songs from the forthcoming album, and songs I know and love.

Special treat: "Everybody Knows". Was hoping for this, but not expecting it. Yummy.

Almost as amusing: getting a survey of the entire goth population of Stockton, plus those fans rabid enough to drive out from SF and elsewhere. (I perused the guest book at the gallery reception, which had names and addresses.)

Notes on chili: doubling this recipe just fits into tersa's 3.5qt crockpot. Doing it as written, in the crockpot, comes out very different from doing it on the stove (where a lot more reduction happens). I haven't yet decided if I like it better or not, but there sure is a lot less cleanup with the crockpot.

The cattery is clean. I skipped mopping the floor, just swept and then spot-cleaned the obviously icky places. I'm beginning to think Debbie was scrubbing the entire thing on her hands and knees, to achieve the level of "clean" that she did. Aie.

Accomplished yesterday's to-do list, other than the job app, which as noted earlier, will take a little more BS than I had initially planned on. I award myself a gold star for not just calling the new farrier, but getting Julian trimmed, for which he was badly overdue. As for today's list, well, I don't think the orchids are going to get repotted. They can wait.

elflet and I have a class at QSM planned for tonight, with possibly a stop at the Scenery to follow. Yum.

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