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moods swung while you wait

Truly, today was a perfectly fine day. I wandered around the house, and things got done. At the point where I finished up the bills and was contemplating driving into Stockton, T. called and suggested meeting there, and we had a very nice chat, at least until he started dithering about whether he was going to break an appointment for tomorrow morning, and which way to drive from here and whatnot. And when we finally parted (mostly because I insisted that I needed to go home and get more work done, which I do -- DE quiz tomorrow and no homework done), he kept calling me back to chat. Mind, I like the guy, but I didn't feel like multitasking, and I finally hung up with him for good when I got home and realized the dog was in dire need of walking, and I had groceries to put away (a sudden inspiration about fish chowder), and I basically wanted my mind to myself for a while.

So right now I am in a transcendently pissy mood and not interested in cooking, cleaning, polishing twisty mazes of job applications, or writing a check for the overdue registration on the Mazda (sigh).

So I heated up some chili and perhaps I will go lie down and read for a while and refuse to answer the phone. Maybe this is just blood sugar fidgets. Maybe I'm just surly about the lack of evening light, these days. Whatever, I hope it wears off fast.

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