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got a hundred miles of desert, got a head of fresh air - Ambar
November 17th, 2001
02:10 pm


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got a hundred miles of desert, got a head of fresh air
So if I leave the house today by 3pm, I'll be in Reno around 6, from whence we (T., his friend Brenda, and I) will trek up to the playa where Burning Man is held, and soak in a natural hot spring and watch meteors, and retreat to the cab of the truck when sleep can no longer be denied, and in theory if I leave by 8am Sunday I'll be in San Jose by 3pm, plenty of time to make my movie date.

This is not the kind of insanity I'm prone to, which is exactly why I've agreed to do it. (Well, and that T. knows his way around this desert enough to cover for my ignorance.)

Now to load the truck with drinking water, blankets, towels, and the cooler. It still seems strange not having to pack Sable and her stuff. It's as if I'm forgetting something.

Current Mood: restlessrestless

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