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pausing momentarily to dart their tongues at the stars

According to the hiring manager at CNet, I should be hearing from them "mid-week" about whether they've generated an offer or not. Part of me is confident that I have it in the bag. Part of me is wild-animal wary of hubris and hurting myself with my own expectations (let's face it, too much of my self-esteem is tied into job performance). I don't know. All I can report is that I'm not actually climbing the walls.

Meanwhile, I made dinner. Fried bacon in the cast-iron pan (which always turns out amazingly crisp, makes me wonder why I usually use the microwave), then dredged veal liver in a bit of Atkins Bake Mix (low-carb flour, effectively) and fried it in the bacon fat. Once I got it done enough, it was tasty, especially with buttered cauliflower on the side. (Breakfast -- since I'm doing the cooking report portion of our show -- was fancy, a cheddar-and-avocado omelet with the customary turkey bacon on the side. Lunch was another of the sssmokin' rounds of chili from the last batch.)

Now I am out of stashed veggies, so it's time to cook the second head of cauliflower. Maybe the "cauliflower salad" recipe again -- it takes up an astounding amount of bacon and mayo, but it tastes good. And yes, I'm still losing weight eating like this. 289# yesterday, a new low.

About all I got done today, other than holding Julian for the farrier, was throwing out another boxload of papers. Yay, organization. If this unemployment keeps up, at least I will have an utterly uncluttered house to show for it. :-P I should do more DE homework tonight, for lo, there is a quiz tomorrow, and then our final is a week later.

Time to make hot tea in the hope that my feet will consent to defrost. It's all of 66F in here, and I'm wearing socks and boots (a rare concession to the reality of slogging through much wet grass to catch Julian), what is it with my circulatory system anyway?

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