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that darned quote that's been dogging me - Ambar
December 11th, 2001
10:20 am


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that darned quote that's been dogging me
"We have come a full circle, Lord. I would like to think there is some higher meaning in all of this. It certainly would reflect well on you."

Phillipe, speaking to God in Ladyhawke.

I primarily remember that movie for the stunning horse. I'd never seen anything like him. I suspect it had quite a bit to do with the popularization of the Friesian breed in this country.

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Date:December 11th, 2001 02:28 pm (UTC)


I loved that movie. There were so many good quotes from it that still hound me. And it had Rutger Hauer in it. You can't ask much more from a movie than that.
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