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the world gets smaller all the time

So, one of my Irregular Readers (hi, Gregbo!) alerted me to the following URL:

The humor here is that when I was first hired at AV, I was hired by WRL, and worked there until AV got big enough to require its own offices and machine room. I know the person who's accepting the resumes on this one. So I've dropped him a note.

[Update: response back in 30 seconds: "We are currently still in a hiring freeze but will keep you in mind if it ever lifts." Ah, well, it's nice to get a response back from an actual human being, unlike most email contacts via websites.]

(Separately and irrelevantly, I wish the fucking telemarketers would bug OFF. I am tired of the phone ringing every 20 minutes, and answering it only to get dead air. It just rang again....)

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