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DiffEq is over, finally. Our instructor promised us four hours for the final, unless security threw us out of the room before that. I used 3.5 of them, to reasonable purpose. I was guessing in parts, and there were a few frustrations, and a couple answers I was flailing at too much to be able to check, but overall I shouldn't do any worse on this test than I have in the class as a whole. (I've consistently done better on the tests than I have on the quizzes.)

I was feeling highly optimistic and celebratory after I walked out, and briefly considered a splurgy dinner, but fiscal sanity prevailed. It will be more fun, in any case, to wait for the La Fondue run I have promised elflet and his coach. :-)

I'm somewhat tempted to take Statistics next quarter online, but looking back at just how often the thought "I need to do DiffEq homework!" interfered with jobhunting or the consulting jobs, I think it's a temptation best declined. Damnit.

Also in the "since I'm continuing to jobhunt" box: I had better cancel the appointment for a physical next week. I haven't been able to face the COBRA paperwork, so I'm not insured, and IIRC that kind of appointment charges out at hundreds of dollars. Which leads my sleepy brain to the thought that I should get over to Planned Parenthood and do the tests I wanted. Those, I can afford.

mallen's latest prompted me to go poke at the CraigsList jobs listings, which are, well, depressing. So few jobs I'd be willing to take; so few jobs, period. Here's my favorite quote of the bunch: "NOTE: Because of the emergency duties associated with this position distance to office should not exceed 10 miles." My translation: "Our systems are so fucked up that you will be in the office 23 hours/day, and you'll get paged in on your only day off."

His experience as a hiring manager also confirms my fears that people are mass-slamming resumes in every possible direction, whether they're qualified or not. It's enough to make me give up online job-searching entirely. I need to get the attention of a recruiter, clearly. How to do that? Hmm.

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