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Everything to show, and everything to hide. Look into my eyes. Listen.

Today's adventure was visiting a startup belonging to two old friends to see what I could do about their system administration woes. I had already talked with one at a recent party, who suggested I come in and talk to the other, but who also seemed confident that we were just talking about consulting.

Well, I saw the place, and I got two people's lists of the things that need fixing, and yes, I can help. So I signed an NDA and got an account inside their network (not that I can access it from here :-), and once they consolidate two more people's wishlists and fliffle some paperwork, we can get started on that basis. And they seem eager for all the time they can get -- enough so that the possibility of FT employment was floated.

That would totally rock. But one thing at a time, *please*. I haven't even called lothie's recruiter yet. I should be driving in to Fremont tomorrow evening for circle, but I'll have to see how social I'm feeling. Right now it's about at hide-under-the-bed levels.

I feel all accomplished and stuff, because today's list said to clean the cattery and go grocery shopping, and that's exactly what got done. Next stop is clearly world domination, or maybe I'll try making low-carb blueberry muffins first.

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