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with a kiss, I'd pass the key - Ambar — LiveJournal
December 16th, 2001
07:44 pm


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with a kiss, I'd pass the key
Today's dinner: gratinéed cauliflower with butter and parmesan cheese, and grilled steak, Florentine style. Thank you, Mrs. Hazan.

Today's to-do list: severely mauled, even though I am still a bit sore from helping Chris* move yesterday.

Today's mood: reasonably chipper, although I could certainly use a massage. Or a hot tub.

Heads up, anyone who wanted to try the roast chicken with lemons recipe I gave earlier: I got the oven directions exactly backwards. Preheat to 350F, roast breast-down for 30 minutes, turn breast-up and roast for 30 minutes more, then turn the oven to 400F and go for another 20 minutes. (Mrs. Hazan notes: "Calculate between 20 and 25 minutes' total cooking time for each pound.")

Finally, anyone in the South Bay who has been waiting for an Elements of Magic class to be held there again should drop me a note privately. I'm trying to get a group together so that we can have one scheduled for us. We have the option of once a week for six weeks (the standard format) or a weekend intensive (but we should commit to meeting monthly on our own for at least a while, say, six months?) Let me know which format suits you best, and feasible or infeasible dates for scheduling purposes. We do need a minimum number of people to get someone to come down & teach it, so if you're even peripherally interested, speak up. :-)

Current Mood: chipper. sore. fed. optimistic.
Current Music: Kate Bush, The Dreaming

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Date:December 17th, 2001 09:45 am (UTC)
I'm interested in the class, but a weekly meeting won't be feasible until February 11 or later. Wednesdays are not preferred. *kiss*
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