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and you are not me, the lengths that I will go to

So about 11 this morning I took a half-dozen papers off the 8" stack to my left, and resolved to Do The Right Thing with each one.

One was a pension plan statement. I spent ten minutes on the phone wrestling with Compaq's HR to get them to change my address (so they can get mailed to me instead of Erik, what a nifty idea). Next was a small pile of cat paperwork. I generated three envelopes and a check, and rearranged the binder of current cat paperwork to actually reflect the cats currently in the house (shocking). Next was a brokerage statement. I sat down at the fine computer to update Quicken....

....and the next thing I knew, it was about 15:50. I was cold, stiff, had failed to eat lunch or drink any water, and the four Quicken accounts representing the pension plan (snort), IRA #1, IRA #2, and the general portfolio had all been updated so they matched, to the penny, the actual balances and transactions from each institution's web site.

Focus, I got. If I had any direction, I'd be dangerous.

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