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Yesterday I realized with some horror that I haven't been reading. Not reading? Might as well say I noticed I hadn't been breathing lately, and it disturbs me. Yes, I've been reading LJ and my email (goddess help me) and so forth, but I haven't been reading books. Even though I picked up an MFK Fisher at Bookbuyers when I was last there.

So yesterday I let the vague nagging feeling of wanting to get out of the house lead me, although I procrastinated until nearly 8pm. An errand to OSH first, and then with nothing better to do, I closed out the local B&N. (That seems nearly to define "no life" as I presently know it. Sad.) Picked up a copy of Falling Free, since I'd not read it and no Bujold is bad Bujold, right?

So today I woke up, realized I had BOOKS to read, and promptly retired back under the covers with same.

So now it's two in the afternoon, and since I had lunch for breakfast, I decided to have breakfast for lunch, so at least I am fed. But mostly I direly want to get out of the house for a while, preferably while not also being tempted to spend money (in the Holiday Retailing Season? fat chance). The most sensible solution -- drive into the BA for a couple of days -- is nixed by my having made vet/groomer appointments for three of the felines, which require me to have their lovely whiskery faces at the vet's by 9 tomorrow morning. (And two of them will doubtless require daily or twice-daily antibiotics for the next 10 days, and how will I pull THAT off, if I'm so fortunate as to be trying to commute into the BA? Don't ask. I have no idea right now.)

Also I am fidgeting because I pinged the startup people (who initially promised a concrete response Friday afternoon, ha ha) and was told today was an all-day planning meeting & expect some news this afternoon.

Twitch. Froth. Expensive !@#$ home network; I should switch ISPs. Or call the first consulting job, who has been sending me plaintive emails. Or... any number of things I have no desire to do, really.

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