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Everybody had their share of small-talk, everybody bored of making plans

So I finally made it home to my own little hive of allergens. Staggered in the door to find that the feline escape artists had been at it again, happily roaming the house. Damn their furry hides.

So I stubbornly set out to do what I'd been intending to do on the drive home. I unloaded the car, put clean laundry and various foodstuffs away, finished up the unpacking.

Then took a deep breath and hunted down the duct tape. Despite ample provocation, I did not duct tape the cats; I duct-taped the bit of screen door they shredded their way through.

When I was in IL this October, I visited a friend's place which had, since my last visit, added hardware-cloth screen doors to all the kitchen entrances, to keep the four-footies where they belong. I greatly admired this design, and am going to lay hands on a hardware-cloth door as soon as may be possible.

Which won't be anytime soon, I suspect. I also did the bookkeeping (while my 1200+ email messages downloaded), and the bank did something rather unexpected with my automagic mortgage payment. *sigh* So another thing I did was zoom off to the post awful with the newly arrived unemployment check to get it into the bank post-haste.

I haven't made anything resembling dinner, despite having copious amounts of food in the house. And I require that I change the litterboxes and drive the trash down to the pickup site before I go to bed. (It's all a day late because of the holiday, sigh.) And I am tired.

Cold, a bit creaky, and back in job suspense. Welcome home and happy !@#$ new year.

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