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that's just the way the story goes

So I loaded up the truck this morning with everything I wanted to take into Stockton (and beyond), and then walked down the hill to bother my neighbor. He wasn't home, but his wife (whom I'd never met before) was, and although she didn't know from jump-starting, she kindly agreed to bring up a vehicle so I could give it a whirl. This ain't rocket science, I did it three days ago.

Yes? No. The beast wheezed and turned over, but wouldn't fire. Damn it.

So I thanked her, and off she went, and I took my wheezing (it's cold outside) self indoors to research my options. Since I have managed to make 4 AAA calls since last March, a fifth one would cost. I found out how much it would cost: $45 for the call, plus $4/mile over 5 miles.

Did I mention I live 25 miles out of town?

All right, mountain, Mohammed, Mohammed, mountain. Never mind moving the truck, how about moving me into town to get batteries, then bringing them back?

Goddess bless my handyman, who should be here in an hour. (I think he's going to try to start the truck first, and bring a spare battery, hey, why not.) I guess... I'll turn the heat on in the house and start some laundry while I wait. Might not make it to the cat show to surprise Jennifer, but that's okay. The cat show's happening tomorrow, too.

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