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it was the talk of the town

Today was a day of working hard on several things and completing absolutely nothing. Well, okay, I'm now using (flat-rate ISDN access with a local dialup number) as an ISP instead of Idiom (usage-sensitive ISDN account, running about $200/month despite my best attempts at minimal usage). Even that's not actually done, though, because I have to bite the bullet and close the Idiom account.

Had a long and interesting discussion with elflet, via AIM, about a direction he would like our scene work to take. And another long one via MUSH with risu, wherein we each fretted at the other and perhaps we both feel better now.

But in general, today was depressing for its lack of motivation and accomplishment. I don't know if this is just stress moving in for the duration, or if I feel like crap because I've been eating crap (the diet went to hell in a handbasket yesterday. I stuck to it today, albeit not optimally). There's a lot I don't know. I'll settle, I think, for going to sleep and hoping it will all be better in the morning.

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