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back now

Home, finally. I'd hug the house if my arms were long enough, I swear.

I removed all dead food from the fridge, and made the amazing tasty sausage-tomato-onion thing for dinner, and got partway through opening all the paper mail and deleting all the email.

Good news: the consulting gig at Ponte is at the PO-generating stage, and I may even start this week. Woo hoo!

Bad news: CNET delivered the official "no, thanks". No shock at this late remove.

I'm planning to bleach the well on Saturday morning. Meanwhile, we're all bottled water, all the time.

Received an interesting email request from an acquaintance, to teach him some magical work that I don't actually feel all that expert at. Not sure whether to turn him down flat, or meet him and work on basics, which I suspect he needs. (Once he has those basics, acquiring the abilities he wants will be rather simpler....) Part of me is flattered to be asked; part of me says 'Avoid, you don't need another responsibility.' I'll see how I feel in the morning.

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