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cjsmith observes correctly that I haven't been posting much lately. It's been one of those "too busy living it to describe it" weeks, so let's see.

Started doing some consulting at Ponte yesterday. Still learning the environment, of course, making a little progress on the big issues, helping with some incidental cleanup. I love the feeling of work getting done. It's ridiculously fulfilling.

Succeeded in colliding with a personal coach (elflet's recommendation), who did me an enormous amount of good in a mere half-hour, and I am more prepared to deal with the results of my procrastination in a particular corner. (Don't really want to blather about the situation until I clean it up.)

I had lunch with Leo today for the first time in ages. He is a delight, as always.

I get together with yohannon tonight for the first time in a long time. I'll get better at poly prioritizing with practice, right? (Someone say yes.)

elflet and I prepared and served our charity dinner on Sunday night, to rave reviews.

Right. Interrupted here. More later.

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