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another lazy Saturday

Spent most of the day reading, one way or another. Went through most of my back collection of Horse Journal, dumped out my grooming trays and ran the eligible brushes through the dish washer (the actual delicate bristle brushes need to be cleaned more conservatively, alas), read through more of my Pony Club horsemanship manuals and thought optimistic thoughts about riding Petit Point tomorrow, and buying a nice leather bridle, and so on.

I have a tendency to eat out of boredom, on weekends. Fortunately I rarely crave stuff that's right off the diet; instead I grab a handful of nuts, and maybe a couple hours later some cheese, and some sugar-free peanut butter a couple hours after that (digression: have you looked at the labels on Jif or Skippy lately? Brrrr!) Today was actually remarkably good, although I did snag peanut butter around 6pm rather than (hand to forehead, oh the poor beleaguered darling) cook.

Finally around 9pm I was actually in the mood, and I had some chicken thighs thawed out, so I made the infamous "puffy chicken". Make a paste of equal volumes of mayonnaise and parmesan cheese; smear over chicken parts and bake. The coating is supposed to puff up and turn golden. I used someone's suggestion of 30 minutes at 375 rather than my more usual 50 minutes at 350. I think next time the slower oven would be better. Granted I think I let it go for closer to 35 minutes, but the coating was closer to dark brown than to golden. It was insanely tasty, though, and I would certainly make it again. And there are leftovers for lunch, which should give me time to club myself into making dinner. :-)

Sabledog has decided she should be a footrest, or at least is spending more time actually under the desk, rather than sacked out next to me on the floor. I'm fine with this, except for the rare occasions when she leaps through my wiring and unplugs something critical, like the network hub. Gee, and I have these fine wiring guides I could set up to keep loose wires run around the edge of the desk and safe from helpful canines, but that's not the project on top of the stack.

Determining what horse equipment I would, in an ideal world, be taking with me to OR is on top of the stack, and it's a little depressing. I got spoiled by the past year of not being resource-limited (at least, for my modest *cough* wants). Actually needing to budget and needing to prioritize and so on -- you'd think I'd have learned those skills by now and have 'em on automatic pilot, but no. Much of my life since emancipation from the parental household (fresh out of high school) has been alternating between careening into financial crisis and grimly digging my way out of it. I thought I'd improved, the past three years or so (and reading The Motley Fool and Your Money Or Your Life helped me a lot), and truthfully I had, but I backslid. Good habits are just !@#$ hard to establish.

What it's giving me, though, is an alteration of my perspective on what's needed, on what need is. I haven't bought clothes in over a year, and I'm losing weight precipitously. So clothes are on my shopping list, yes, but they simply haven't climbed to the top yet, and you know what? I can still turn up at the office, at cat shows, and generally be in public without scandalizing anyone. Remarkable. Who'da thunk? :-)

Groceries, feed for the four-footies -- those are needs. An ice cream maker is a want. Maintaining the truck with regular oil changes is a need; paying someone else to do it might be a want. Making sure Sable is cared for on my day in the Bay Area is a need; boarding her at the vet's may be a want.

Etc. This is still percolating, but I think it will become useful soon.

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