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I have been working to improve my followup systems, with the following two goals:

1) Do not drop things on the floor that I have told myself or others I will do.

2) Stay out of the frantic thought loops that begin with "OH, damnit, I gotta X." Except thinking about that reminds me of another dozen things that I gotta, and all this being frantic (because X is overdue and/or suddenly important and/or I must mock myself for forgetting) keeps me from doing any of them. Or what I was doing when the thought came to mind.

It's coming along nicely, but I have noticed an interaction bug. Namely, this is interacting somewhat poorly with my tendency to be unsatisfied, and sometimes even bored, until I am scheduled for way too much.

Take this example. I am in the BA now, Friday afternoon, and I have a class in San Jose on Saturday. So, I figured, it would be logical to stay over out here Friday night, go to the class, go home.

But then I remembered "oh, oops!" - Julian was due for his spring shots. (To the point that he never got his winter shots.) But now I have a coping mechanism - I put 'Arrange for Julian's spring shots' in the projects list, and put 'Call horse vet re: clinic' in the @Calls list. So the next time I had a phone in hand and five minutes to spare, I called to see when they'd be in the area next, and oops, that was Saturday morning! Okay, we can probably swing an 11am appointment and still be in San Jose at 3pm.

But oops, that means I'm driving home tonight.

And then the next thing in the @Calls list was to bug the well people about getting my well bleached, and so guess what I have an appointment to handle at 9:30am on Saturday? (I guess that'll leave me time to catch Julian when the vet comes... *rolls eyes*)

The getting things done, I like. I just need to learn not to try to do it all at once. I think.

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