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So, Saturday, I actually got done everything I'd intended to get done. Except that with the running up and down the hill (down to the well, up to play with taps, down to catch Julian, up to meet the vet...) I was utterly zorched by 9:30 or so, which meant that snuggle-and-compare-cookbooks time with the jet-lagged sweetie had to be cut down. But there was snuggle time, which was much needed, and then I slept like a dead thing.

And then I got up, cleaned up, did the stack of dishes, and puttered about reading until it was about time to head for the farmer's market in MV. We were going to get munchies from Prather Ranch, but were very disappointed to find they were not there.

So, back to the house, where I realize that since I left my laptop at home (deliberately), I do not have the super-secret directions to today's class, nor do I have a phone number for the host(s). Arrrgh. Called around some, to no avail. Wrote off the class. *sigh*

elflet coaxed me out to do actual walking in actual sunshine, in a nearby county park, which was lovely except for the part where I was trying to walk and talk at the same time, and succeeded in stepping in a hole and wrenching the SNOT out of the ankle I damaged a week and a half ago. This did not end our walk, because I am stubborn, but I did a lot less talking until we got to a convenient sitting point. And I am now back at the state where it aches even when I am sitting with it in a neutral position. *mutter* And it was healing so nicely. I swear I'm not getting off man-made flooring for the next two weeks.

And then I drove home and am preparing to take the train back in tomorrow at o'dark hundred so I can spend some time *out* of the cab of my truck. Because, really, sane people don't commute 120 miles one way every other day. Or so I'm told.

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