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So I finally get home this afternoon, at least 18 hours later than originally intended, but that's no one's fault but my own. I was supposed to have lunch on Tuesday with a certain caredhel, who stood me up. So I called elflet, who works only a few blocks from her place, and next thing I knew we were flying low up to Healdsburg to buy a lot of very nice wine for the next gourmet dinner we are giving, and I punted on making my train. But I digress. That was Tuesday. And going up there was my idea anyway. Today is Wednesday. And I'm trying to explain why I'm so pleased with myself....

Right. So there I was, safely at home, laundry folded and groceries put away, updating the Airport driver on my iBook, which was taking forever for who knows what esoteric reason. So I pull out the Palm and look for stuff I was going to do while home. Aha, I have to print out a course description for 6.001 to complete this petition (to substitute the class for a requirement at Foothill) which has only been hanging around here for at least a year. So I switch to the desktop system and print that off.

Meanwhile, the iBook is still dawdling along, so I do the next school-related thing, which is to update my master sheet of courses completed at Foothill, which I haven't done for a year or more. There, in shining black pixels, is stunner #1: I did get a grade in the last "Human Performance" (cough) class I registered for. For reasons too boring to record, I thought I hadn't, and that completing Yet Another Phys. Ed Course was between me and my hope of finally earning a two-year degree. Yay!

Then I idly examine the list of required courses for an AS in Math on Foothill's website. Twenty units of Calculus, fifteen of Physics, five of Linear Algebra, five of Differential Equations, check, check, check, check. Then there's the block of electives, which I was petitioning for, and....

Hey. Wait a goddamn minute. There's an "or" in there, meaning fifteen units of Physics OR of Chemistry OR of a specific list of CS classes....

Meaning I don't have to file this petition at all, because I've already DONE all the Physics. I misread the requirements sheet. So did my advisor.

*mad cackling ensues*

Friday. I'm filing for graduation on Friday.

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